anne britt ylvisåker
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senior curator

working place

From 1996 and onwards I have joined the position as senior curator at The West Norway Museum of Decorative Art, converted to a department of Art Museums of Bergen. 2007, due to a major museum consolidation in Norway.

working field

I am head of the Collection Department of The West Norway Museum of Decorative Art, and my working fields are glass, ceramics and textile in general, and contemporary craft in particular. Moreover I am the coordinator of documentation and registration at the Art Museums of Bergen.

My main preoccupation is collection management, and in 2006 I was the initiator and supervisor for the registration project "Obsessed by Possessions - Exposed Registration", digitizing the object information attached to our 35000 museum objects, and inviting the visitors "behind the doors".

As answerable for the contemporary craft field, I am appointed to be the museum's representative in Innkjøpsfondet for norsk kunsthåndverk, and have been the supervisor for projects related to my fields, as "Burning Point Bergen" (2002) in co-operation with Bergen National College of Art, and "Knit7" in co-operation with The College of Sogn og Fjordane.

research leave

From 2009 I gained 60 % research leave from the Art Museums of Bergen executing the research project "Mishmash and Trash - Museum Collecting in the Age of Virtuality", a part of K-value, a project supervised by Bergen National College of Art, and financed by Norwegian Research Council's research program "Kulver".